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Ceramic Launder

Ceramic Launder

Ceramic Launder has an ultra-long life liner, using a new high-silicon molten material molding technology.
It has strong corrosion resistance, non-stick aluminum, no pollution to aluminum liquid, and meets the production of aluminum products with high added value and high technical performance requirements.

Ceramic Launder Dimensions

Item Length of Lining Length of Launder Insulation cover Special Dimensions
Standard 500-2000mm 500-2000mm 200-500mm As Drawings

Ceramic Launder Technical parameters

Item Density
(g. cm3)
Rupture modulus
(816℃ Mpa)
>Thermal Expansivity
(680℃ K-1)
Thermal conductivity
Operating temperature
(MAX) (℃ )
Index 1.8-2.0 18.8-19.8 1.56*10-6 0.8-0.95 1340

The Ceramic Launder overall launder equipment is installed between the furnace and the casting machine. It has a dual function: conveying and heat preservation.

It is mainly used for the transportation of aluminum liquid between aluminum alloy precision casting aluminum melting furnace, purification furnace, casting platform, degassing and filtering outside the furnace.
Such as: computer hard disks, micron-level aluminum foil wool material, PS board base for printing, can making material, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products.

Ceramic Launder Parts

Cabinet shell
Box lining
Insulation cover

Casting Launder

Ceramic Launder Lining

1. Adopt the production process of integral molding flow tank lining.
2. Improve the erosion resistance and erosion resistance of the launder lining.
3. Long service life of lining. With boron nitride coating, it has excellent non-stick aluminum effect.

Aluminum Launder

Refractory Launder

Ceramic Launder Advantages

1. Good thermal insulation performance and long service life.
2. Integral molding with molten material, high dimensional accuracy.
3. High strength, erosion resistance, heat shock resistance, smooth surface.
4. Strong corrosion resistance to aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloys, enhancing the use of molten metal transfer equipment.
5. The temperature drop of the metal liquid during use should be within 2 ℃ per meter.

Insulating Launder

Instructions for Use

1. According to the on-site construction, install the flow channel to ensure that the overall flow channel is clean, free of damage and seamless.
2. Evenly preheat the standard flow channel that has been installed, and heat at a uniform speed for 6-8 hours to remove the adsorbed crystal water.
3. Control the flame temperature during baking, avoid direct flame roasting, and prevent the thermal stress caused by local heating from causing the lining, tube, plate or filter plate to burst.

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