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Furnace Cleaning Agent

Furnace Cleaning Agent

Furnace Cleaning Agent is used to clean the hard slag of the furnace, wall and bottom of aluminum and aluminum alloy after melting after the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Packing Specifications

Item Internal Packaging Carton Packaging Pallet Packaging Special Packaging Storage & Guarantee
Index 5kg/bag Per carton
Per pallet
As per requirement Stored in ventilated and dry environment, 6 to 12 months

Why use Furnace Cleaning Agent?
1. The accumulation on the inside of the furnace reduces the life of the refractory
2. The accumulation increases the heat loss.
3. The accumulation reduces the volume of the furnace and makes the aluminum liquid difficult to circulate.

Product Performance
This product is a special furnace agent for aluminum alloy furnace cleaning process

Product Usage
It is mainly used to clean the furnace wall after the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloy.

1. Furnace Cleaning Agent can quickly react with the co-solvent that emits a lot of heat energy under the condition of furnace cleaning, so that the temperature of the slag is rapidly increased, and the halide in the furnace cleaning agent is quickly melted.
Reduce the melting point and viscosity of the slag in contact with it, and make it separate from the furnace bottom and furnace wall, so as to clean the furnace hearth.
2. Achieve continuous production of aluminum alloy melting casting, avoiding stopping production due to furnace cleaning.
3. Avoid the damage of the furnace body and prolong the service life of the furnace body, because the slag processed by it has achieved the separation of aluminum and slag
The slag has become quite loose, and it can be pulled out of the furnace easily with the slag picking tool.
Greatly reduced labor intensity.
4. Since the furnace scum can be continuously removed, the incidence of inclusions and bubbles in the aluminum alloy is also greatly reduced, which improves the quality of the aluminum alloy.
5. No furnace shutdown operation, no damage to the furnace body, and no great labor intensity
After the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloys, the furnace cleaning agent cleans the furnace wall.

Covering agent, slagging agent, slag cleaning agent, refining agent used in aluminum alloy melting

1. When the temperature of the aluminum alloy reaches about 660-720 degrees, add the refining agent. Press the tool to the bottom until no bubbling occurs. It is mainly used to remove hydrogen from the aluminum liquid. Refining agent: zinc chloride.
2. Add slagging agent after refining, remove the slag after fully stirring with tools, mainly used to remove impurities in the aluminum liquid, slagging agent is mainly used for lead alloy smelting.
3. After the slag is cleaned, spread covering agents such as expanded perlite and expanded graphite on the surface to prevent the hydrogen in the air from entering the aluminum liquid and keeping it warm.
4.After the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloys, the furnace cleaning agent cleans the furnace wall.

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