Launder Dam for the aluminium control -

Launder Dam


Launder Dam is used for sluice and discharge of aluminum alloy casting aluminum alloy. It is used in conjunction with Ceramic Launder.
It has the advantages of erosion resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, smooth surface and so on.
With the use of boron nitride coating, the effect is better, and the service life is extended to 30-90 days.

Launder Dam Product Advantages

1.The material is formed by two materials with high silicon melt.
2. Pneumatic, electric and manual gates, with high flexibility, better match the flow control and flow control of the flume;
2. Scouring resistance, impact resistance, heat shock resistance, smooth surface, no pollution to metal liquid;
3. Convenient operation, control the circulation of aluminum liquid.

Refractory Dam


1.Liner Dam
2.Metal Accesorries
3.Manual or Pneumatic Device

molten aluminium baffle


1.The launder dam is applied to dam and release molten aluminum in launder.
2.Formed by different density material.
3.It has the advantages of erosion resistance, impact resistance, good thermal shock resistance and smooth surface, etc.
4.It will has good using performance for matching with our BN coating. Can prolong working life to 30-90 days. (Attached effect picture of painting BN coating).

Launder Dam