Ceramic Foam Filter for Aluminum Foundry,Degassing Unit,Tap Out Cone
  • tap cone for aluminium casting


3 reasons to choose AdTech

AdTech has the ability to help you solve the problems of aluminum casting products.

  1. One-Stop Shopping

    Tap Out Cone

    Refining Flux

    Caster Tip

    Ceramic Foam Filter

    Degassing Unit

    CFF Box

    Hot-top casting series

    Here you can get all the metallurgical material used in the aluminium casting foundry

  2. Technical Expert

    Technical Expert

    Well-known experts in the field of nonferrous metal smelting in China
    Doctor of Engineering, Professor-level Senior Engineer (Researcher)
    Enjoy national special allowances and national candidates for the new century project of 10 million talents
    National Registered Consulting Engineer
    President of Zhengzhou Research Institute of Aluminum Corporation of China
    Dean of Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute
    Executive Director of China Nonferrous Metals Society
    Deputy Director of Light Metal Metallurgy Academic Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society
    Director of Alumina Professional Committee
    Adjunct Professor of Central South University, Zhengzhou University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology

    AdTech can help to optimize your product quality of aluminium and alloys.

  3. Production Equipment and Capacity

    Production Equipment and Capacity
    AdTech adopts intelligent production equipment and imported advanced technology detection equipment, and ensures the innovation of process and the stability of quality with the innovation of equipment.
    The company has successively developed dozens of series of products, so far it has covered a full line of equipment, high temperature and filtration materials required by the aluminum alloy casting industry.
    The production capacity fully meets the requirements of various orders of national aluminum companies, which makes AdTech quickly grow into an industry leader.