Large piece pouring process tracking

1. Clean up before pouring:

Normally, workers will clean the mixing pot after production, but during the production process, it is temporarily impossible to clean the mixer after each pot of ingredients is mixed. The cleaning is as shown below:

Clean the mixer

Clean the mixer

(Is it possible to pour strong and dense materials first and then smaller ones during pouring to reduce the need to clean the mixer during the pouring process)

2. Adding ingredients:

In recent follow-up observations, workers have been adding materials in strict accordance with the ratio given by the company, and there are no illegal operations.
3. Wet mix:
During the wet mixing process, there have been no illegal operations by workers recently. Previously, the mixing time was guaranteed to last for 5-6 minutes. However, due to the weather, the mixing time is now 7-10 minutes. The mixture has reached a uniform, dense, and pourable state.
As shown below:



4. Mold fixation:

During pouring, some molds cannot be fixed at the moment. The molds produced are uneven and the molds with foam outside cannot be fixed, as shown in the picture:

5. Pouring vibration:

During pouring, when the mold is empty, the vibration table keeps the amplitude at about 25kz. After adding the pouring material, the amplitude will be adjusted to between 30-40kz. After the pouring is completed, the vibration table will continue to vibrate for about 2 minutes. No discovery has been made yet—operation abnormality.

6. Maintenance:

After the pouring is completed, workers will smooth the surface and cover it with a film for maintenance.

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