Degassing Process in Aluminum Casting,Online Degassing Equipment

Porosity in aluminum alloy often occurs in the upper part of the casting and often occurs on the surface of the protruding part of the casting. The hidden pores inside the casting can be seen through X-rays. The degassing process in aluminum casting can solve the porosity.

Causes of Porosity in aluminum Alloy

  • The pouring speed is too fast, which is involved in the air;
  • Poor exhaust gas from the mold;
  • Liquid aluminum flows too fast;
  • The melting temperature is too high;
  • Poor alloy degassing;
  • Pouring temperature is too high;
  • Sand core is not dry, poor exhaust or too much gas.

Degassing Process in Aluminum Casting

Degassing Process in Aluminum Casting

  1. Pouring the molten metal smoothly;
  2. Add exhaust slots or exhaust plugs to areas where metal-type gases are not easy to remove, and clean them frequently;
  3. When pouring, the ladle should be as close as possible to the gate cup;
  4. Strictly control the temperature of aluminum liquid to prevent over-temperature;
  5. Liquid aluminum is degassed correctly, AdTech online degassing unit and refining flux is helpful for liquid aluminum degassing;
  6. The mud core should be dried, the vent hole should be unblocked, the mud core should be re-baked after regaining moisture, and the middle of the large mud core should be hollowed out;
  7. After the metal type coating, the coating should be dried before pouring.

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