Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters for Foundry, Molten Aluminum Filter

Filtration is an important part of every manufacturing and foundry industry. Different industries use different materials to filter finished products. Alumina ceramic foam filters for foundry are used in foundry where molten aluminum is cast.

As we all know, aluminum is the best material for many applications, and foundries help mold molten aluminum into different structures to make better use of metal. However, unless you use efficient tools to filter it, the process will still be incomplete. The presence of impurities and other harmful products in the metal reduces the quality of the metal, thereby reducing the quality of the material cast from the metal. The ultimate goal of a foundry is to make a profit, and the high quality of casting materials can help achieve this goal.

Molten aluminum usually contains entrained solids, which are harmful to the final cast metal product. These entrained solids usually come from three sources.

  1. Alumina particles, the floating oxide layer on the surface sucks them into the liquid stream.
  2. Furnace lining particles entrained by the molten aluminum, and debris from other parts of the molten aluminum processing equipment.
  3. Flowing aluminum stream. Some particles are precipitates of insoluble impurities, such as intermetallic compounds, borides, carbides, or precipitates of other aluminum compounds, such as chlorides.

When these impurities appear in the final cast product after the molten aluminum is solidified, they can cause the ductility of the final product to decrease or the finishing characteristics of the final product to deteriorate.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters for Foundry

The aluminum ceramic foam filter for casting completes the filtration process of removing entrained solids from the liquid by passing the solid-loaded liquid through the porous filter medium that does not pass the solid. The ceramic foam filter for casting has excellent resistance to corrosion and corrosion of molten aluminum. The alumina ceramic foam filters for foundry can effectively remove inclusions, reduce residual gas and provide laminar flow. Therefore, the significantly clean metal after filtration can improve the quality of the casting.

Features of Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

  • Reduce waste related to inclusions.
  • Reduce costs associated with including defects.
  • Increase productivity through higher extrusion or rolling speeds.
  • Excellent dimensional tolerance
  • Stable chemical composition
  • Highest filtration efficiency
  • Strong resistance to corrosion of molten aluminum and alloys
  • Beveled edges and compressible gaskets

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