Aluminum Grain Refiner for Slagging and Degassing Aluminum

The aluminum grain refiner is used to degas and slag molten metal during the aluminum alloy casting process. The refining flux uses a unique technology to improve the traditional degassing and removal of molten metal slag. The refining flux is used in the casting and rolling process of a variety of aluminum alloy products: micron aluminum foil wool, PS plate base for printing, can-making materials, slag alloy raw materials for purifying and degassing and removing liquid metal in the elastic casting aluminum process, such as packaging Materials, rail transit, aerospace products, cables, etc.

Aluminum Grain Refiner

The Main Advantages of Aluminum Grain Refiner
1. Since the product does not contain sodium, it can avoid or reduce white spots on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
2. The heat is good, the aluminum in the slag is separated, and the alumina in the slag is decomposed, which makes the aluminum slag dry and loose, which is easy to remove.
3. After treatment, the purity of molten aluminum is greatly improved, the performance of the alloy is improved, and the consumption of aluminum is reduced.
4. Reduce the adhesion of slag to the furnace wall and bottom, avoid damage to the furnace body, extend the service life of the aluminum body, and reduce the number of furnace cleanings.

How to Use Aluminum Grain Refiner
1. The amount of the refining agent is about 0.3% (the amount depends on the situation);
2. When in use, pour the product into a special container, connect it with argon or dry nitrogen, blow it into the aluminum liquid with pressure, and repeatedly stir evenly.
Set a period of time and then cast;
3. Sprinkle the cast aluminum refining agent on the liquid surface, quickly press it into the aluminum liquid, stir it fully, stand still, and release the slag; if you use a sprayer, use inert gas to spray the refining agent into the aluminum liquid.
4. Press the cast aluminum refining agent into the bottom of the molten aluminum. At this time, due to the release of a large amount of heat, the molten aluminum rapidly heats up and turns red. The particle flux should be completely connected to the molten aluminum.
After the slag is dried to powder, touch and remove the slag.

Scope of application: slagging and degassing of aluminum and aluminum alloy liquids.
Product performance: The appearance is white powder, and the water content is less than 0.5%. The refined preparation is used for powder refining. Since the powder is sprayed with inert gas, it has the function of removing slag and gas. Therefore, the amount of refined preparations is relatively small, and the effect of removing slag and gas is stronger.

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