Alumina Filters

The alumina filters factory focuses on the purification of aluminum melt. With the rapid development of my country’s national economy, my country’s demand for aluminum and aluminum alloy products is increasing, and the quality requirements for these products are getting higher and higher. The consumption of ceramic foam filter plates used in my country is also increasing. Production volume has also increased.

Alumina Filters

Product performance of Adtech alumina filters
1. It can absorb large inclusions in molten aluminum, and effectively absorb small inclusions of small size through the filter cake effect.
2. No slag drops, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum.
3. Good thermal shock resistance and resistance to molten metal corrosion.
4. The size is accurate.
5. Improve the surface quality of aluminum alloy products, optimize product performance, and optimize internal structure.

Nordic Aluminum Co., Ltd. purchased the products of Adtech China Alumina Filter Factory and obtained stable product quality in aluminum alloy production. Nordic Aluminum will push to other aluminum foundries in Northern Europe and Europe.

Nordic Aluminum recommends that everyone use ceramic foam filters, but the casting process is different, and I hope you can use it appropriately.
1. Check and clean the aluminum on the surface of the box to keep the box clean.
2. Put the filter plate into the installation position of the filter box, and fix the filter plate with a pressure plate to prevent the aluminum liquid from flowing or the filter plate from floating.
3. Use gas (10-20 minutes) or electricity (1-2h) to evenly preheat the filter element and filter plate to make it close to the temperature of molten aluminum.
The preheating temperature of the filter plate is higher than 260°C.
Preheating to remove adsorbed water can temporarily open the pores of the initial filter to prevent heat from rising and shrinking, thereby blocking part of the pores of the filter plate.
4. Pay attention to the replacement of the aluminum hydraulic head during the casting process and maintain the required aluminum liquid flow rate.
The normal initial pressure head is 100-150mm.
When the liquid starts to pass, the pressure head drops below 75-100mm, and the pressure head slowly increases.
5. In the normal filtering process, do not knock or vibrate the filter plate.
In addition, please avoid interference caused by too much or too little molten aluminum.
6. After filtering, immediately remove the filter plate and clean the residual aluminum in the filter tank.

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