Aluminum Alloy Casting Defects, Inline Degasser, CFF Filter Box

In the process of aluminum alloy casting, it is inevitable that various defects will appear due to improper casting, and the defects must be dealt with in a timely manner. However, choosing the appropriate solution can avoid the defects to a certain extent. What should be done to avoid defects in aluminum alloy casting?

Aluminum Alloy Casting Defects

How to Avoid Aluminum Alloy Casting Defects

  1. Stomata. If you want to avoid stomata problems, you must ensure that no air is caught in during pouring. Moreover, the aluminum alloy liquid must first filter out impurities and bubbles in the casting cavity before entering the casting cavity. AdTech inline degasser system and CFF filter box are installed between aluminum smelting furnace and foundry platform. The main purpose is to remove the gas and other impurities in the aluminum liquid.
  2. Pinhole. When the alloy is in a liquid state, all the gas inside must be removed. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the solidification speed is increased during solidification, so that gas can be prevented from running out of the alloy.
  3. Shrinkage. It is necessary to design a suitable pouring system and the specific location of the pouring. And at the same time ensure that the liquid is solidified, so that the probability of shrinkage holes is lower.
  4. Loose. To ensure the order of solidification and the related supplementary measures, the furnace material should be as clean as possible, and some cold iron should be placed in the loose area.
  5. Cracks. To avoid the occurrence of cracks, it is necessary to ensure that the solidification sequence is correct. At the same time, reduce the internal stress, the pouring temperature must be selected to be appropriate.

The above is how to avoid aluminum alloy casting defects. If you want to avoid being troubled by related defects, you must master the correct pouring method. In addition, buyers should pay special attention to check when purchasing aluminum alloy parts to see if there are any of the above defects. And if necessary, they must return to the factory in time for repair.

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