Asian Foundry

Asian Foundry Filters are widely used in molten metal filtration to remove undesirable non-metallic inclusions in the melt. Due to the increasing requirements for the quality of today’s castings (especially large castings and heavy castings), it is very important to filter effectively and most importantly in the casting process. Through extensive research and development, AdTech has successfully improved foam ceramic filters to improve casting quality.

Asian Foundry Filters

Asian Foundry Filters

Asian Foundry Filters are a new type of industrial ceramic product with low bulk density (0.25 ~ 0.65) g / cm3, high porosity (60% ~ 90%), and three-dimensional mesh structure. Because ceramic foam filters have excellent properties, such as high-temperature resistance, strong chemical resistance, and large surface area due to high porosity, they are widely used in molten metal filtration to remove the non-metallic inclusions in the melt.

Asian Foundry Filters Features

  1. Ceramic filter for foundry can reduce the gas and inclusion in the casting, reduce the turbulence of the molten metal when filling the mold, reduce the surface defects in the casting, and significantly reduce the reject rate of the casting
  2. The results show that the compressive tightness, elongation, and tensile strength of castings are increased, the surface finish of castings is improved, the fluidity of molten metal is improved, and the filling ability and feeding capacity of melt is increased.
  3. The casting system is simplified, the length of the transverse flow channel is reduced, and the casting output is increased.
  4. The machining time and tool wear are reduced, and the surface quality of castings is improved.
  5. Even under high temperature, ceramic foam has high mechanical strength, chemical stability, high thermal shock resistance and liquid metal flow impact. In the working process, there is no slag or crushing to ensure the quality of molten metal and stable chemical composition.
  6. There is a large and stable metal flow. Even if the inclusion content in the molten metal is high, it will not plug the ceramic foam filter. High dimensional accuracy, can be automatically placed on the production line.
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