Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters | Foundry Ceramic Filters

The physical characteristics of the zirconia ceramic foam filters are:

1. The material used to make the filter is zirconia.

2. It is a yellow substance, which is used as filter equipment in foundry.

3. It is porous physically, and the porosity varies according to the filtration requirements.

4. It is physically stable and can resist very high temperature, so it becomes a good filtration equipment.

5. The filter has high bending and compressive strength because it can be installed in various channels for molten metal flow.

6. The bulk density of zirconia is almost constant, while the pore density can be changed according to the industrial requirements.

7. Thermal stability and shock resistance.

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters

Chemical properties of zirconia filter

1. It is most suitable for the chemical reaction of casting metal.

2. Resistant to atmospheric oxygen and easy to store.

3. zirconia filters even have anti-aging properties.

4. Used as catalyst in different chemical reactions.

5. It can not react with gas, so it is used for high temperature gas separation.

The foundry mainly uses zirconia ceramic foam filters. They use molten metal to cast them into different molds.

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