Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter,Ceramic Foam Filters for Casting

The Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter can make the molten metal fill the cavity more evenly. The molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulence during pouring. The turbulent flow through the three-dimensional pore structure of the zirconia foam ceramic filter is finally converted into a very stable layer flow. Laminar flow has a better filling of the cavity, which reduces the impact corrosion of the molten metal on the casting cavity and significantly reduces the scrap rate. Non-metallic inclusions in castings are the most important factors leading to casting defects. They affect the surface finish, mechanical and processing properties of castings and lead to an increase in scrap rate. Foam ceramic filter products are used to remove inclusions and reduce turbulence to achieve rapid and stable metal liquid filling flow rate, and thus improve the quality of castings.

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

Zirconia Foam Ceramic Filter

At the same time, Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters meet the requirements of manual molding and more efficient mechanized production lines, and ensures that the product quality of the foundry meets the requirements of international quality standards.

(1) Filter out the inclusions in the casting, reduce the gas in the casting, reduce the degree of turbulence during the filling of the metal flow, reduce the surface defects in the casting, and significantly reduce the scrap rate of the casting.
(2) Increase the compression sealing of castings, enhance elongation and tensile strength, and improve the surface finish of castings. Improve the fluidity of molten metal, increase the filling ability and shrinking ability of castings.
(3) Simplify the design of the pouring system. The length of the cross-runner is reduced, and the production yield of the casting process is improved.
(4) Reduce processing time and tool damage, and improve the surface quality of castings.
(5) It has very high high-temperature working strength, thermal shock resistance and metal liquid impact resistance. There is no slag or cracking during work, which ensures the filtration quality of molten metal.
(6) Has a very significant filtering effect. The filtering effect is much higher than other filtering elements. Its remarkable filtering effect is related to the filtering mechanism of “speed criterion”.
(7) It can effectively reduce the turbulence of the molten metal brought by pouring, smooth the filling, and avoid casting surface defects.
(8) It has a large metal flow rate, and the flow rate is stable (unlike the straight-hole ceramic filter, the flow rate gradually decreases with the increase of the number of trapped inclusions). Even in the case of a large amount of inclusions in the molten metal, normal use will not cause clogging of the filter.
(9) It has high chemical stability, is not affected by the acidity and alkalinity of the molten metal, and does not change the chemical composition of the molten metal.
(10) With very high dimensional accuracy, it can be used in the production line of automatic filter placement.

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