Aluminum Casting Filter,Ceramic Filter for Foundry

Aluminum casting filter is composed of a porous body, having two end surfaces, an outer peripheral surface, and partition walls, forming a plurality of main passages of purified fluid. It from one end surface to the other end surface, and arranged in the filter membrane, formed on the inner wall surface of the main flow path. The aluminum water is purified by allowing the purified fluid flowing into the main flow path, it is from the opening on the one end face side to pass through the filter membrane and the inside of the porous body for purification. And the impurity is taken out from the outer peripheral surface of the porous body. The aluminum alloy casting filter membrane is used for purification, and is taken out as a purification fluid from an opening of at least the one end face side of the main flow path.

When the liquid casting alloy passes through the foam ceramic filter, it produces three functions of “filter cake effect”, “trap effect” and “rectification”, which can filter out more than 95% of non-metallic inclusions in the liquid casting alloy, reduce pore defects, and make The mechanical properties of castings are increased by 10-15%, the scrap rate is reduced by more than 10%, the casting process yield is increased by more than 2%, the tool life of casting cutting is extended by 1 to 3 times, and the surface quality of castings is significantly improved.

Aluminum Casting Filter

Aluminum Alloy Casting Filter

Foam ceramic filters are widely used in the foundry industry. Aluminum casting filter aluminum alloy is easy to absorb gas and non-metallic debris during the process of melting and forming casting, thus reducing the performance and processing performance of casting. Currently developed foam ceramic filter provides a new type of high efficiency filter for the production of aluminum alloy castings. Different from the usual single-layer drilling screen plate and glass fiber screen, it has a multi-layer network and curved through holes, which can fully filter out small non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt, thereby improving the casting quality. Foam ceramic filter is used to filter the aluminum alloy melt, usually using cordierite, the mesh size is 0.8 ~ 1.0mm.

Excellent raw materials and advanced production technology ensure that the filter screen has stable dimensional tolerances, at the same time meet the requirements of manual molding and more efficient mechanized production lines, and ensure that the product quality of the foundry meets international quality standards. Alumina foam ceramic filter, applicable temperature is 1250℃, suitable for filtration and purification of aluminum and alloy solution. In order to meet the increasing requirements for the quality of aluminum castings, the use of alumina foam ceramic filter plates (plates) is increasingly important. Filters are also widely used in ordinary sand casting, such as wet mold casting and permanent mold casting, such as automotive aluminum part casting.

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