Porous Ceramic Filter for Aluminum Casting Purification

With the advancement of preparation technology, ceramics have more novel forms, such as porous structure. Porous ceramics have a large number of interconnected pores. So porous ceramics have the characteristics of small volume density, high specific surface area, and low thermal conductivity. The high specific surface area of ​​the porous ceramic makes it have good adsorption capacity and activity. As a catalyst carrier, the porous ceramic filter has a porous structure. It can increase the effective contact area and improve the catalytic effect. At the same time, it has the features of thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance.

Porous Ceramic Filter

Porous Ceramic Filter

The ceramic foam filter has the characteristics of large filtration area and high filtration efficiency. The alumina foam ceramic filter has stable chemical properties, and can withstand the corrosion of acids, alkalis, and other organic solvents. And ceramic foam filter can stand the high-temperature changes, no slag in the production process. The foam ceramic filter can separate solid particles suspended in liquid or gas, or two immiscible liquids. It can make the molten steel fill the cavity more evenly. The molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulence during pouring. Alumina ceramic filter is suitable for aluminum casting filtration, such as aviation, transportation, computer hard drive, PS baseboard, canning materials, fan blades for turbojet engine, and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

Ceramic Foam Filter Application

Nowadays, with the improvement of the quality requirements of aluminum products, the application of the porous ceramic filter has also been promoted. The porosity of the porous ceramic filter is between 80 and 90%, which can effectively eradicate the micron-sized small inclusions. In addition, through the adsorption effect, the ceramic filter plate can also remove the content of harmful elements (Na, K) in the aluminum liquid. When filtering the aluminum alloy, the filter plate is thermally expanded in an instant, so as to ensure that it does not crack when heated.

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