Foam Ceramic Filters for Metal Casting Impurities Filtering

The application of metal is wide in human life, covering almost all fields. With the enhancement of environmental awareness and healthy living standards, people have higher requirements for the performance of castings. High-quality metal products are also widely recognized for their excellence. At the same time, the continuous development of science and technology has also made the casting industry more advanced in metal processing technology. One of the key links is the filtration of inclusions in the metal melt during casting. The foam ceramic filters are to remove inclusions and reduce turbulence. So as to achieve a fast and stable metal liquid filling flow rate, and thus improve the quality of castings.

Inclusions in castings are the most important factors that lead to casting defects. They affect the surface finish, mechanical and processing performance of castings, and lead to an increase in scrap rate. Therefore, the removal of inclusions in the metal melt can improve the quality of the casting. And good products are able to occupy the sales market for a long time.

Ceramic Foam Filter for Aluminium Filtration

In recent years, the foam ceramic filtering process has been widely used in casting production. And Ceramic Foam Filter has become the simplest and most effective method. It can improve the mechanical properties of castings, reduce porosity and inclusions. The materials used for the casting of different metals are also different. The foam ceramic series products for casting produced by AdTech New Materials can customize foam ceramic filters of different materials and pore sizes for the filtration of different castings.

Foam Ceramic Filters

The continuous improvement of foam ceramic technology makes the casting of various metals more refined and pure, and is used efficiently. The foam ceramic filter independently developed and produced by AdTech. AdTech foam ceramic filter-PAl is mainly used to improve the quality of aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous alloy castings. Foam ceramic filter-PZr is used for purification of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel solution.

Foam Ceramic Filters Manufacturer

The alumina ceramic foam filter is made of foam sponge and high-purity ceramic material. It has good open structure, which can economically and effectively filter out non-metallic solid inclusions in aluminum and aluminum alloy melts. AdTech ceramic foam filter plate has the advantages of uniform pore size, high through-hole rate, sufficient sintering, good bending and compressive strength, and good filtration effect. Ceramic foam filters are widely used in various aluminum and aluminum alloy melt filtration and purification equipment for continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, etc. AdTech has 10-50ppi foam ceramic filter plates with various pore sizes and complete specifications. In addition to the general specifications, this series of products can also be designed and customized according to customer needs.

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