Ceramic Foam Filters for Molten Aluminum,Foam Ceramic Filters

Three placement Ceramic Foam Filters for Molten Aluminum

Top-down: The best way for the molten metal to pass through the filter from bottom to top. In the initial stage of filtration, the filtered liquid has a shower phenomenon. As the liquid below fills up, the shower phenomenon disappears.
Bottom-up: the filtered liquid flow without showering.
Vertical placement
At the beginning of filtration, the utilization area of the Ceramic Foam Filters for Molten Aluminum is small. There is no shower phenomenon in the filtered liquid flow.

Ceramic Foam Filters for Molten Aluminum

Precautions of Ceramic Foam Filters for Molten Aluminum

1.Improper use of ceramic filters, the effect is worse than using other filters.
2. The system design must ensure that all the aluminum alloy liquid passes through the filter. If part of it does not pass, the aluminum liquid is not pure, and turbulence is generated, which entrains gas and creates slag.
3. The filter area of ??the filter should be large enough to not affect the flow rate of the aluminum alloy liquid (the minimum flow rate should be located at the smallest section of the sprue)
4. There should be enough space before and after the filter to collect the inclusions.
5. The aluminum alloy liquid should be smelted in the melting furnace (to avoid oxidation and slag removal) and the refining and slagging and degassing of the holding furnace should be done. Because the filtering capacity of the filter is limited, too dirty aluminum alloy liquid will cause the last filtered aluminum alloy liquid to be more dirty than the first filtered aluminum alloy liquid.
6.The ceramic filter should be baked before use.
7. The debris on the dry ceramic filter should be blown off and should not be brought into the sprue.
8. The ceramic filter should be placed correctly to avoid crushing.

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