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The purification of molten metal plays an important role in improving the mechanical properties of castings. At present, the filtering device used to purify molten metal is mainly ceramic foam filter used for aluminium castings, which can effectively intercept harmful impurities in molten metal, convert molten metal from turbulent flow to laminar flow, and completely remove molten metal impurities. Remove the small inclusions, improve the structure of the organization, effectively reduce the gas and harmful elements in the metal liquid, and purify and homogenize the metal liquid.

Ceramic Foam Filter for Aluminium

A molten metal filter medium made of porous ceramic material and formed into a flat plate shape. The filter medium has a large filtering capacity of molten aluminum, and can effectively treat a large amount of molten metal continuously produced in a smelting furnace.

The filtration of molten aluminum enables the filter medium to be attached to or separated from it without difficulty, and provides sufficient protection for the filter medium.

With the increasing requirements for the quality of aluminum products, the application of ceramic filter plates will become more and more extensive.

The ceramic foam filter plate of our company employs domestic research talents, and adopts the formula and technology of many foreign companies. The ceramic foam filter for molten aluminium filtration is carefully developed by introducing foreign production equipment and some raw materials. Its performance reaches or exceeds the level of similar foreign products, and is mainly used in the purification process of aluminium and aluminium alloy production.

The molten metal filter is made of an open-cell hydrophilic flexible foam material, which has a plurality of interconnected voids surrounded by meshes of the flexible foam material. Typical materials used include polymer foams such as polyurethane foam and cellulose foam. The filtering effect is remarkable. It can meet the requirements of ordinary products, and even meet the high requirements of producing aluminum alloy cans and aviation alloys. The filter box can effectively filter out a large amount of impurities in the molten aluminum.

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