Filter Molten Aluminum Filtration with Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filter is a very good product, which is widely used in molten aluminum filtration in aluminum smelting and casting process to prevent particulate impurities in molten aluminum from entering the casting billet and affecting the quality of aluminum processed products.

According to the quality requirements of the castings, the flow rate of the molten aluminum, the total amount of the filtered aluminum water and the cleanliness of the aluminum water itself, the correct selection of the CFF filter box type and foam filter plate specifications can achieve a satisfactory filtering effect.

There is an 8mm aluminum silicate lining around the ceramic filter plate to seal the contact part of the filter plate and the filter box to ensure that there is no aluminum liquid bypass.

Ceramic foam filter production is mainly used in the molten aluminum filtration process. As the quality requirements for aluminum products increase, the application of ceramic filter plates will become more and more extensive.

Molten metal usually contains impurities in the form of inclusions, which are not removed during the refining process. In order to obtain advanced metal raw materials for thin plate manufacturing, fine wire drawing and precision casting, it is usually necessary to pass molten metal through a Cff filter to remove these inclusions.

Adtech produces and sells high-precision online degassing system and filtration equipment, high-absorption ceramic filter plates and auxiliary products, such as casting nozzle plates, thermosetting accessories and other high-end equipment, as well as new materials that are widely used in high-precision aluminum deep processing industry.

The company’s products are widely used in high-precision aluminum deep processing industries: rail transit (body), automobiles (all aluminum and some aluminum parts), military (aluminum military parts), aviation (aircraft wings, cabins, seats), electronic products (Mobile phones, computer boxes, etc.), household (medicinal foil, cigarette foil, rice foil, furniture, household appliances), solar and other aluminum alloy high-temperature purification filtration.

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