Ceramic Foam Filter Rusal,Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Ceramic Foam Filter Rusal uses the formulas and processes of many well-known foreign companies. It has been carefully developed by introducing foreign production equipment and some raw materials.
Its performance fully meets or exceeds the level of similar foreign products.

Ceramic Foam Filter Rusal

Ceramic Foam Filter Rusal Product Function

  1. It can effectively eliminate large inclusions in the aluminum liquid.
  2. It can remove tiny inclusions in the size of several microns in the aluminum melt that conventional processes cannot do.
  3. Reduce the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum.
  4. Through adsorption, the content of harmful elements (Na.k) in the aluminum liquid can be removed.

The filtration process is mainly based on the following considerations: on the one hand, the filtration makes the flow of aluminum liquid orderly and relatively calm, and on the other hand, the solid slag in the molten metal is effectively removed, and the casting alumina foam ceramic filter product effectively removes the molten metal Solid-state inclusions, so aluminum alloys can be smoothly forged, aluminum foil manufactured, extruded, and other processes, resulting in a selection range of 10ppi coarse pore size to 40ppi extremely fine pore size, so there will always be a product standard that suits your requirements . Ordinary sizes and special sizes required by customers can meet the reference data of flux (20PPI) (square and round)

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Ceramic Foam Filter Rusal, applicable temperature 720 ℃, suitable for the filtration and purification of aluminum and alloy solutions.
In order to meet the increasing requirements for the quality of aluminum castings, the use of alumina foam ceramic filters (plates) is increasingly important. Filters are also widely used in ordinary sand casting such as tide casting and fixed part casting.

Note: Foam Ceramic filter is disposable consumables when used in the aluminum processing industry. Users are requested to carefully consider their furnace capacity and select ceramic filter plates of corresponding specifications to avoid improper use or unnecessary waste.

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