Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium, Metal Filtration,CFF Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium is used to filter aluminum slag into aluminum melt to improve the purity of the melt.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium

1. It can effectively eliminate large inclusions in the aluminum liquid.
2. It can remove the fine inclusions of a few microns in size in the aluminum melt that conventional processes cannot do. At the same time, due to the filtering of small inclusions, the number of effective crystal nuclei in the aluminum liquid is reduced, so that the aluminum liquid grows nuclei under large supercooling conditions, the solidification time is shortened, and the structure is refined.
3. Reduce the hydrogen content in the aluminum liquid. Hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed on some oxidized inclusions, and the oxidized inclusions can become the core of bubble growth, so the inclusions are filtered out and the gas on them is removed.
4. The content of harmful elements (Na K) in the aluminum liquid can be removed by adsorption.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium is a one-time consumable when used in the aluminum processing industry. Users are requested to carefully consider their furnace capacity and select the corresponding specifications of ceramic filter plates to avoid improper use or unnecessary waste.

In general, the selection of the ceramic filter plate should take into account factors such as the quality of the finished product, the flow rate of the aluminum liquid in the launder, the total amount of aluminum liquid filtered, and the cleanliness of the aluminum liquid.

How to use Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium

1. Clean the filter box
2. Gently put the ceramic foam filter into the filter box and press the sealing gasket around the filter plate by hand to prevent the aluminum liquid from bypassing.
3. Preheat the filter box and filter plate evenly to bring it close to the temperature of the molten aluminum.
4. Observe the changes of the aluminum hydraulic head during casting. The normal starting head is 75-150mm. When the molten aluminum begins to pass, the indenter will fall below 25mm. Then the indenter will gradually increase.
5. After filtering, remove the filter plate in time and clean the filter box.

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