Ceramic Sprue Bush used for Aluminum Casting Equipment

Ceramic Sprue Bush is the best choice for hot-top aluminum casting with high corrosion resistance, high geometric precision, smooth surface, long service life, low maintenance cost and non-pollution to molten aluminum.

Sprue bush is also called riser sleeve, casting thimble. AdTech ceramic sprue bush adopts high-silicon melting 140 and Al-Si. It has strong corrosion resistance, high precision, smooth casting surface, long life. AdTech ceramic sprue bush is the best choice for hot top casting. Sprue Bush can meet the high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum casting requirement.

Ceramic Sprue Bush

Riser Sleeve Advantages:

1.Good non-moisture, smooth glazed surface, high geometric processing accuracy and low maintenance cost.

2.No delamination and peeling phenomenon, effectively reduce the pollution of molten aluminum, and achieve pollution-free precision aluminum casting.

3.Erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, improve corrosion resistance to molten metal.

Non-ferrous alloys (see non-ferrous metals) used for pouring castings are a type of casting alloy. There are mainly cast copper alloys, cast aluminum alloys, cast magnesium alloys and cast titanium alloys.

Cast aluminum alloys are divided into three types: aluminum-silicon series, aluminum-copper series and aluminum-magnesium series.

① Cast aluminum-silicon alloy: aluminum-based alloy with silicon as the main alloying element, that is, silicon aluminum alloy. This kind of alloy has excellent casting processability and air tightness. It can be modified to improve its strength. It is suitable for use at room temperature and can be used for casting complex shapes. It is widely used.

②Cast aluminum-copper alloys: aluminum-based alloys with copper as the main alloying element, generally containing 4-12% copper, have higher thermal strength, and are suitable for working at higher temperatures. However, this type of alloy has poor casting performance and corrosion resistance, and is generally used to manufacture air-cooled low-power engine cylinder heads, cylinder pistons and other castings.

③Cast aluminum-magnesium alloys: aluminum-based alloys with magnesium as the main alloying element, generally containing 3-10% magnesium, are high-strength and high-corrosion-resistant alloys, and have good cutting properties. They are used in shipbuilding industry, food and chemical industries More. Its disadvantages are poor heat resistance and castability.

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