Foundry Filter for Molten Aluminum

In order to meet the needs of processing and preparing high-quality aluminum alloy semi-finished products and finished products. In recent years, AdTech company has continuously improved and perfected the purification process and corresponding equipment of aluminum alloy melt, providing a reliable guarantee for the preparation of high-performance aluminum alloy products. AdTech offers CFF foundry filter to improve the purity of aluminum melt.

Foundry Filter

Foundry Filter

Foundry Filter Filtering Mechanism

In the filtration process, the surface of the foundry filter medium is used to intercept solid particles and separate the solids from the liquid. This kind of filtration can only remove particles with a diameter larger than the diameter of the filter cake, but does not require that the diameter of the foundry filter medium must be smaller than the diameter of the retained particles.

Generally, at the beginning of filtration, a small number of particles smaller than the diameter of the media channel will pass through the media and be mixed into the filtrate, but these particles will quickly bridge at the entrance of the media channel, thereby blocking the deposition of small particles on the surface of the media to form a filter cake, called Filter cake filtration.

At this time, the filter cake is the real interceptor of the particles, and the filter medium only plays the role of supporting the filter cake. However, when the particle content in the suspension is too small to form a filter cake, the solid particles can only be separated from the liquid by the interception of the filter medium. At this time, only particles larger than the pore size of the medium can be removed from the liquid.

When the particle size is smaller than the diameter of the medium channel, the filter cake cannot be formed on the surface of the filter medium. These particles will enter the medium, approach the channel wall through inertia and diffusion, and deposit under the action of static electricity and surface forces, and separate from the fluid. Deep filtration will gradually narrow the internal passage of the filter medium, so the filter medium must be replaced regularly.

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