Aluminium Liquid Filtration with Ceramic Foam Filter

Aluminium liquid filtration is to use a filter with many pores as a medium to allow liquid aluminum to pass through the pores and to intercept solid particles on the other side of the medium to achieve the purpose of separation. The medium used for filtration is called the filter medium. The small holes in the filter medium are called filter holes. The ceramic foam filter is widely in aluminium liquid filtration for aluminum foundries.

Aluminium Liquid Filtration

Aluminium liquid filtration is a method of solid-liquid separation using a porous medium (i.e. filter medium, such as filter cloth).Under the action of the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter medium, the liquid passes through the filter medium to become filtrate, and all solid particles remain on the filter medium. Filter cake. Filtration can obtain a filter cake with less water and a filtrate without solids. Compared with other solid-liquid separation methods, filtration cannot be classified according to the size of solid particles but consumes less energy. Since the pores of the filter medium are easily blocked by fine solid particles, the filtration method is more suitable for slurry with larger solid particles or less solid content.

Surface filtration mainly uses filter cloth, filter screen, sintered material, and powder as the filter medium, and the solid particles in the suspension stay and accumulate on the surface of the filter medium. The pore size of the filter medium is not necessarily smaller than the size of the particles to be retained. At the beginning of the filtration operation, a small amount of small particles may pass through the medium and be mixed into the filtrate. At the same time, a bridging phenomenon of particles is formed at the mesh, and a truly effective filter medium is gradually accumulated. Surface filtration is suitable for occasions with a large solid content, such as greater than 1%. Because of the blockage, the filtration resistance is greatly increased. The filtration resistance of the filter cake is far greater than that of the filter medium, which has a decisive effect on the filtration rate.

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