Molten Aluminum Refining in Furnace,Flux Refining,Degassing Refining

Molten Aluminum Refining in Furnace is important to remove slag and gas in the melt. AdTech offers fluxes for refining aluminum, such refining flux, covering flux, deslagging flux, oxide removal flux. In addition to the online purification methods, the control of smelting process can not be ignored. First of all, it is necessary to select raw materials (including refining agent) with less slag and dry, various furnace charges, and tools. Before the furnace is put into the furnace, the oxidation marks, soil, moisture and oil stains should be removed. And at the same time, preheating and drying should be carried out; secondly, the melting temperature should be reduced as much as possible and the holding time of the melt should be shortened.

Molten Aluminum Refining

Molten Aluminum Refining

Molten Aluminum Refining

When the melting or casting temperature is too high, it is easy to produce metal oxidation and increase the gas content of the melt, resulting in slag inclusion and porosity defects. However, when the casting temperature is too low, slag inclusion and blowholes will also occur due to the lack of time for slag and gas to float out of the surface.

The solubility of hydrogen in aluminum and aluminum alloy increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the refining effect and casting temperature, low temperature operation should be adopted as far as possible to prevent melt overheating and long-term holding.

After the Aluminum Refining in the furnace, if the holding residence time exceeds 4H (excluding the residence time of normal production) and cannot enter the next process for production, it should be refined again. For the static furnace, it must be refined once per shift to keep the furnace clean and clean the slagging in the furnace in time. A large number of inclusions and gases can be removed by purification treatment in front of and inside the furnace and the control of the smelting process. The slag content in molten aluminum is obviously reduced. Meanwhile, the contents of alkali metals (such as Na, Mg, Li, Ca) can be reduced to the minimum, so as to improve the purity and cleanliness of melt.

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