Aluminium Degassing Machine -

Aluminium degassing machine most notable feature is the graphite stator and graphite rod/rotor structure. The graphite stator does not rotate in the molten aluminum and protects the graphite rod/rotor assembly. The graphite rod and the graphite rotor are assembled together to stir the aluminum water. The inert gas passes through the gap between the stator and the graphite rod, and is injected into the molten aluminum from the grooves at the bottom edge of the stator and the top edge of the graphite rotor.

Aluminium Degassing Machine

The molten aluminum flows into the aluminium degassing machine and stays in the refractory lining. The aluminium degassing unit body has a heater to keep the molten aluminum in a molten state. After the inert gas is ejected from the rotating rotor, it is broken into countless small bubbles by the high-speed rotating rotor. The small bubbles diffuse and rise in the molten aluminum to remove hydrogen. During the ascending process of small bubbles, due to the effect of surface tension, some inclusions are brought out of the molten aluminum to the surface, forming scum to remove the inclusions in the molten aluminum. At the same time, the stirring effect of the rotor makes the alloy composition in the molten aluminum more uniform.

Die-casting aluminum alloy smelting is an important process in the production process of die-casting. The smelting process is not strictly controlled, which will cause the slag content and gas content of the Al liquid to increase, and will change the chemical composition, resulting in pinholes, oxidized slag, and Shrinkage porosity and unqualified chemical composition affect the quality of castings. Through the experiment and research on the key processes such as the ratio of new and old materials before smelting, the melting temperature, the slag removal and purification of the molten aluminum, and the refining and degassing in the smelting process, a reasonable process range is determined to provide high-quality molten aluminum and finally obtain qualified castings.

After the die-cast aluminum alloy is melted and refined, the aluminum water is taken from the subcontracted water when the subcontracting is rotated and degassed, the refining agent is added before and after the time, the rotating degassing nitrogen flow, the speed of the graphite rotor, the degassing time, the diameter and height of the graphite rotor. The density of molten aluminum is measured and analyzed during the production process.

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