Rotary Degassing Equipment

Rotary degassing equipment is an advanced melt purification method. The purification effect is good and does not pollute the environment. The purified melt can enter the casting machine or rolling mill directly without secondary pollution, which improves the production efficiency. The purity of molten aluminum directly affects the processing quality of aluminum, so crude aluminum is refined only in melting furnace or holding furnace.

Rotary Degassing Equipment

In order to reduce costs, increase production and ensure high quality and stability of products, many primary aluminum production and processing enterprises use off furnace on-line refining (also known as on-line purification treatment).

In recent years, aluminum foundry companies have introduced Adtech online degassing unit outside the furnace, which are used in continuous casting and rolling production lines and aluminum alloy casting production systems. Good results have been achieved through production and operation.

Online Rotary Degassing Equipment

The on-line rotary degassing equipment outside the furnace is located between the fixed furnace and the casting machine. In the degassing box, the nitrogen blown into the aluminum melt is chopped up by the rotating graphite rotor, forming a large number of dispersed bubbles, which makes the aluminum liquid fully contact with the inert gas in the furnace. Bubbles absorb hydrogen in melt by using the differential pressure and surface absorption principle. And adsorb oxide slag. Hydrogen in molten aluminum diffuses into inert bubbles with zero hydrogen partial pressure. As bubbles rise, they are carried away from the melt surface and escape. The solid oxide slag suspended in liquid aluminum will also be adsorbed on the surface of bubbles. They are removed together to purify aluminum melt.

Adtech online rotary degassing equipment has been successfully used in continuous casting and rolling production lines and aluminum alloy casting production system. The performance of the equipment is stable, the purification effect of aluminum melt is good, and the degassing rate is more than 60%. The quality of the treated molten aluminum is greatly improved, and the gas defects such as blowhole and slag inclusion in aluminum rod and aluminum alloy ingot are greatly reduced, and the yield is greatly increased, which brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise.

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