Aluminum Liquid Degassing Equipment,Molten Aluminum Refining

Aluminum liquid purification equipment is a degassing and purification treatment equipment, it clean metal by removing physical (hydrogen gas inclusions), chemicals (alkali metals) & metallurgical (alkali salts & sludge inter-metallic) impurities. The molten aluminum purification system operation is based on the proven principle of high-energy diffusion and chemically driven mass transfer. AdTech purification equipment for aluminum offers patented gas preheating and other sophisticated features for optimal molten aluminum refining. This aluminum liquid purification machine is also called Degassing Bowl, Degassing Box, Degassing Unit, or Molten Aluminum Refining and Degassing Equipment.

Aluminum Liquid Degassing Equipment

Aluminum Liquid Degassing Equipment

In-situ process gas preheating gives superior degassing and inclusion capture. Gas preheating is achieved by making the gas flow through the passageway formed by the helical groove (which is machined on the outer diameter of the graphite shaft) and the inner wall of the graphite cylinder. The gas then captures heat from the graphite cylinder, which is immersed in the molten aluminum. Accordingly, the gas flow path is extended 30 times its original straight flow path length. Preheating of gas help retain the fine bubble size by preventing the undesirable growth in the bubble after the gas comes into contact with the molten aluminum.

Thermocouple and Heater Protection Tubes

Hi-Cera SN makes an excellent thermocouple protection tube considering the outstanding features. These tubes are maintenance-free, have a long service life and are easy to handle.

Hi-Cera SN heater protection tubes have excellent corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and outstanding shock resistance. Using this material ensures a long lifetime. Hi-Cera SN heater tubes are available for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Aluminum Liquid Purification Equipment

Before using the molten aluminum for casting, it is necessary to remove hydrogen gas from the melt in order to avoid bubbles in the cast aluminum parts. This can be done by using a rotor, rotating in the aluminum melt, and purging the molten aluminum through the shaft with Argon gas. Hi-Cera SN rotor shafts and wheels exhibit exceptional wear and oxidation resistance compared to a graphite rotors. They assure stable high hydrogen removal efficiency and have a long lifetime. The excellent thermal shock resistance and the original impeller design permit insertion into and withdrawal from molten aluminum without preheating. The original design of the TKR rotor wheel results in high gas dispersibility and makes hydrogen removal efficiency superior. Hi-Cera SN rotor shafts and wheels are suitable for both in-line and batch degassing systems.

Aluminum liquid purification equipment supplier Adtech also provides online CFF filtering units, refining fluxes, trough and launder, and other parts for aluminum casting.

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