Aluminum Degassing Equipment,Aluminium Degassing Process

The principle of the aluminum degassing equipment is that the rotating graphite rotor blows inert gas into the liquid aluminum.

Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Aluminum Degassing Equipment Principle

The gas (argon or nitrogen) is broken into a large number of dispersed bubbles, which are dispersed in the liquid aluminum. The bubbles in the liquid aluminum rely on the gas differential pressure and the surface adsorption principle, absorb the hydrogen in the liquid aluminum, adsorb the oxide slag, and are carried out of the surface of the aluminum liquid with the rising of the bubble, so that the aluminum liquid can be purified. Because the bubbles are small and dispersed, they are evenly mixed with the rotating molten liquid, and then rotate into a spiral. As a result, the purification effect of aluminum degassing equipment is significantly improved. Both argon and nitrogen can be used as degassing and slag removing gases. The purity of inert gas should be above 99.99%.

Aluminum Degassing Process

The purification process of liquid aluminum alloy is the main means to improve the comprehensive properties of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification gas and solvent are mixed, and the graphite rotor on the degassing equipment is used to inject the aluminum melt for purification treatment, which is the most advanced treatment method in the world. The working principle of degasser for refining is: the rotating rotor will break the nitrogen (or argon) blown into aluminum melt into a large number of dispersed bubbles and disperse them in the molten metal. Bubbles absorb hydrogen in melt and absorb oxide slag by gas partial pressure difference and surface adsorption principle. With the rising of bubbles, bubbles are taken out of the melt surface to purify the melt. Because the bubbles are fine and dispersed, they are evenly mixed with the rotating melt, and then rotate to spiral shape, slowly float up, and contact with the melt for a long time, so the gas flow generated by continuous straight-line rise will not be formed, thus the harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt can be removed, and the purification effect can be significantly improved.

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