Purification Equipment for Aluminum Foil Production

The equipment used in the production of aluminum foil, in addition to the melting, casting, rolling, finishing and heat treatment equipment of traditional aluminum alloy rolled products, the most critical is the purification equipment for aluminum.

Purification Equipment for Aluminum

Purification Equipment for Aluminum

Under normal circumstances, different aluminum alloy manufacturers will choose the production equipment suitable for their own enterprises according to their own production characteristics and product positioning. In general, the professional biotechnology industry of aluminum foil wool will choose high-end melt purification equipment, such as online degassing + deep bed filtration, while small and medium-sized production companies generally choose online degassing + ceramic foam filter filtration.

On-line degassing of melt purification equipment is currently the key research direction and development object of major aluminum processing enterprises. Typical on-line degassing methods include: overflow degassing with vent plugs, fixed nozzles, and rotating nozzle degassing law. At present, the most widely used method is the rotating nozzle degassing method. Foreign countries have the first rotating nozzle degassing device SNIF developed by Pyrotek, France’s Alpux degassing device, and China has AdTech’s online rotating nozzle degassing device. These devices all use nitrogen or argon as the refining gas, or use a mixture of the two and a small amount of active gas such as chlorine as the refining body. This can effectively remove the hydrogen and alkali metals in the aluminum melt, and can also improve the slag liquid separation effect.

The online melt filtration method is the most effective and reliable method to remove non-metallic inclusions in the melt. According to its principle, it is divided into cake filter and bed filter. The filter methods mainly include glass cloth filter, deep bed filter, corundum tube filter and foam ceramic filter. The simplest is the glass cloth filter, the best is the filter tube, the foam ceramic filter plate and the online filter outside the melt furnace. The most widely used is foam ceramic filtration.

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