Degassing And Purification System,Aluminum Degassing Treatment

From the current situation of aluminum melt purification treatment technology, a lot of work has been done, and some advanced Degassing And Purification System has been developed, which promotes the development of melt purification technology. However, most of these methods are designed from the point of view of dehydrogenation and purification (that is to say, hydrogen removal purification is the main method). Although the efficiency of hydrogen removal is obvious, some high-tech products with high purity requirements are limited to a certain extent.

Degassing And Purification System

Degassing And Purification System

The two processes of hydrogen removal and impurity removal are related and different. All kinds of degassing And purification systems have one main function, but they also have another. However, it is difficult to remove impurities and degassing effectively at the same time with only one process. Therefore, the main development trend of foreign countries is to develop from single purification to compound purification, and from traditional in furnace purification to external purification. Especially in the processing of wrought aluminum alloy, the compound purification treatment on the operation line has become the development direction of aluminum liquid purification technology, and at the same time, the secondary pollution of aluminum melt is reduced or avoided as far as possible.

For example, Alcoa’s 469 process combines filtration with degassing. The fild process of British aluminum company is a smokeless continuous degassing and purification process on the operation line. It integrates various methods, such as alumina ball bed filtration, inert gas purification, flux purification and covering, to improve the comprehensive capacity of the device for removing impurities and degassing. The Aluminum Company of America’s MINT method uses jet inert fine bubbles to remove hydrogen and combines ceramic foam board filtration. Adtech provides professional online degassing and purification system, CFF filtering unit and fluxes for the aluminum industry.

Compared with the traditional furnace purification process, the on-line continuous degassing and filtering equipment can reduce or avoid the secondary pollution of the melt, with good purification effect, high efficiency, no pollution to the environment, and online continuous purification, which creates conditions for melt production automation.

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