Rotary Degassing Purification Method for Aluminum Alloy Melt

Rotary degassing purification method has become a recognized high-efficiency hydrogen removal technology for aluminum alloy melt at home and abroad, and is favored by more users. The method of spraying gas flux with rotating nozzles has become an important development trend of drilling alloy melt purification technology at home and abroad.

Rotary Degassing Purification

In recent years, due to the needs of automobile manufacturing and aerospace industry, aluminum alloy casting has been greatly developed. However, due to the “unreliability” of aluminum castings, its expansion is hindered, especially in the application of aerospace structures. The same part, different factories or different heats in the same factory, or even castings cast from the same heat in the same factory, may have large differences in performance. The main source is that most of the current castings are prone to porosity, a defect that affects the integrity of the microstructure. Because of the strong interaction between hydrogen and inclusions and porosity in aluminum alloy melts, people have recognized its importance for a long time, and continue to develop aluminum alloy melt purification technology.

The aluminum alloy melt rotary degassing purification method uses a rotating nozzle to spray gas flux from the bottom of the aluminum alloy melt. During the rotation of the nozzle, the fluid ejected by the nozzle blades produces strong turbulence, which can produce smaller bubbles than single or multiple tubes. At the same time, the high-speed rotation of the rotating nozzle can make the bubbles uniformly distributed and dispersed, and are ejected radially first, and float to the surface along a spiral path under the combined action of centrifugal force and buoyancy force. This effectively increases the gas-liquid contact interface, promotes the renewal of the gas-liquid interface, prolongs the contact action time of the gas-liquid interface, and significantly improves the kinetic conditions for the purification of aluminum alloy melt, so as to obtain excellent Purifying effect.

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