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Melting and casting is the first process of aluminum processing, which provides qualified ingots for rolling, forging and extrusion. The quality of ingots is directly related to the final quality of various aluminum materials. For many years, the internal quality of aluminum alloy products, especially the cleanliness of ingots, has been continuously improved. Melt purification is the main means to improve the purity of aluminum melt. Melt purification can be divided into furnace treatment and online purification.

Online Purification

Online Purification

In furnace melt treatment mainly includes gas refining, flux refining and spray refining. The development of furnace treatment technology is slow. Its degassing and slag removal effect is slightly better than the gas refining and flux refining. However, the refining effect fluctuates greatly due to the manual movement of the refining rod.

Online Purification

Generally speaking, the purification effect of furnace treatment on aluminum alloy melt is limited. In order to further improve the purity of melt, further reduce the hydrogen content and remove non-metallic inclusions, efficient on-line purification technology must be adopted. The on-line purification can be divided into degassing and filtering.

There are many kinds of on-line hydrogen removal devices, such as MINT, SNIF, ALPUR, and so on. Melt filtration is the most effective and reliable method to remove non-metallic inclusions in aluminum melt. There are several ways of filtration, and the best results are filter tube and foam ceramic filter plate.

AdTech is a manufacturer specialized in new material development and high precision online degassing and Filter Box production since 2012. Adtech got positive feedback and gained good reputation from domestic and overseas market.

Online degassing unit adopts advanced high silicon melting technology to get a long service time, degassing rotor, heater protection thimble and thermocouple protection thimble adopt ceramic manufacturing technology which can meet producing high-precision aluminum requirements. Online degassing unit shall be installed between furnace and casting equipment. It is used for hydrogen (H) and slags removal from molten aluminum. The online degassing unit has dual functions: processing and heating. It serves high precision molten aluminum purification industry.

Online plate-type filtering unit adopts advanced high silicon melting technology. Mainly used for the molten aluminum purification with high value-added and high technical performance. To replace the high cost ceramic tubular filtering unit and ordinary plate-type filtering unit. The micron level impurities in molten aluminum can be removed by this unit with our related technical guidance. Such as the casting for aluminum alloy in rail transit, micron foil, PS plate in printing industry.

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