Aluminum Melt Purification Technology,CFF Filtering Technology

Semi-continuous casting is often used to cast deformed aluminum alloy liquid into flat ingots and round ingots. Aluminum melt purification technology mainly uses flux purification to remove harmful impurities in the melt, such as H and Al2O3. The aluminum melt purification technology mainly divided by H mainly includes bubble float method, vacuum treatment method, ultrasonic method, rare earth hydrogen storage method, and so on.

Aluminum Melt Purification Technology

Among these methods, the vacuum has a good hydrogen purification effect and no pollution, but due to factors such as the need for special equipment and a large investment, it has not been widely used. The bubble floatation method used in the purification technology of gas purifiers has developed rapidly in recent years. On-line hydrogen removal equipment is the main research and development object of aluminum smelters, and there are many types, such as AdTech dual-rotor degassing device. While continuously improving the degassing efficiency, the online degassing unit can also remove inclusions in molten aluminum.

Aluminum Liquid Degassing Equipment

With the increase of Mg content, the smelting loss of aluminum-magnesium alloy increases, the inclusion of oxide slag, and the absorption of H increase, and the process parameters must be strictly controlled. In addition to H and slag in the static furnace, it is also necessary to filter impurities with ceramic filter plates during the casting process. The manufacture of ceramic filter plates for filtration levels is continuously improving, and AdTech is developing deep-bed filters. At present, AdTech filter media of aluminum melt purification technology mainly adopts foam ceramic filter plate, which has a good filtering effect, low price, and wide application range. The AdTech ceramic foam filter product has developed from 20, 30, 40, 50 to 60 PPI to 80 PPI, and there are many new varieties. The quality of the aluminum melt is further guaranteed through the CFF filter.

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