Melt Purification Treatment | On-line Degassing treatment

Generally speaking, the purification of aluminum alloy melt in furnace melt purification treatment is quite limited. To further improve the purity of the aluminum alloy melt, it is more important to rely on the on-line purification treatment outside the furnace to more effectively remove harmful gases and non-metallic slag inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt.

On-line purification treatment outside the furnace can be divided into on-line degassing based on degassing, on-line melt filtration treatment based on slag removal, and online processing based on both. According to different product quality requirements, different online melt processing methods can be used.

Melt Purification

On-line degassing is the key research and development object of major aluminum processing enterprises. There are many types. Typical examples are: Air-liquid degassing method with vent plug; MINT method with fixed nozzle method; more applications Extensive, stable, effective and reliable rotating nozzle degassing method, such as SNIF, France’s Alpur degassing device, AdTech’s rotating degassing device, etc. These degassing methods all use N2 or Ar as the refining gas, which can not only effectively remove the hydrogen in the aluminum melt, but also remove the alkali metals well, and at the same time can improve the slag-liquid separation effect.

AdTech is an enterprise dedicated to the development of new materials and the production of high-precision online degassing devices, and has received positive feedback from the domestic and foreign markets. The online degassing device adopts advanced high-silicon melting technology and has a long service life. The degassing rotor, heater protection sleeve, and thermocouple protection sleeve all adopt ceramic manufacturing technology, which can meet the requirements of producing high-precision aluminum. The online degassing device should be installed between the furnace and the casting equipment. It is used to remove hydrogen (H) and slag from molten aluminum. AdTech degassing unit serves the high-precision molten aluminum purification industry.

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