On-line Processing Methods for Purification Molten Metal

The presence of gas and non-metallic inclusions in aluminum and its alloys during the smelting process causes defects such as pores, inclusions, and loose cracks in the ingot, which affects the processing performance of the ingot and the strength, plasticity, corrosion resistance, anodic oxidation. At the same time, there are a small amount of metal impurities in the aluminum melt, which causes the hot brittleness of aluminum products and reduces the conductivity. These harmful substances must be removed in casting. The traditional method is to process in the furnace. Many modern processing methods of pure melt are not limited to furnace processing, but various on-line processing methods outside the furnace.

My country began to introduce on-line refining processing methods and equipment in the mid-1980s, and realized the localization of online processing equipment. Most of the domestic on-line refining treatment devices adopt the rotating nozzle degassing method or the rotating nozzle degassing method + foam ceramic filtering method. On the basis of digesting and absorbing imported technology, AdTech developed online processing devices. The device adopts nitrogen refining and foam ceramic filtration technology, and is suitable for deployment on aluminum and aluminum alloy casting-rolling and casting production lines to perform online degassing, removal of inclusions, and alkali metal removal from aluminum melt.

On-line Processing Methods

Foreign countries attach great importance to the purification treatment technology of aluminum melt and are relatively advanced. First of all, strengthen the cleaning and protection of the aluminum melt in the furnace, basically do not use solvent coverage, but use methods such as controlling the furnace temperature, positive pressure in the furnace, and furnace gas to avoid contact between the aluminum melt and the furnace gas, and effectively prevent the gas from entering And the formation of oxide inclusions. The purification treatment of the melt on the casting line is an important process, and foreign advanced melt devices include SNIF, MINT, Alpur, etc.

The purification treatment of aluminum melt in some aluminum processing plants at home and abroad is developing in the direction of pollution-free refining, high speed, high purification treatment and filtration. AdTech on-line degassing and purification device is an ideal device for degassing and removing impurities.

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