Aluminum Melt Filtration used in the Melting and Casting Workshops

In order to optimize the process of aluminum melt filtration technology, a reasonable process configuration is very important. The harm of metallurgical defects in aluminum to processing deformation production and final mechanical properties of products cannot be ignored. To improve the quality of can materials, aircraft materials, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of aluminum melt purification.

Aluminum Melt Filtration

At present, advanced aluminum melt filtration devices are used in the melting and casting workshops of aluminum processing plants at home and abroad, mainly including ceramic plate filtering devices, deep bed filtering devices, and tubular filtering devices.

For the production of industrial, architectural aluminum and other application products when rolling ingots or extrusion round ingots, only the ceramic foam filter device can meet the product quality requirements. According to the product requirements, single-layer ceramic foam filter filtration or double-layer filtration can be selected.

Aluminum Melt Filtration

For companies that produce high-end products, the process configuration recommendations for deep bed filtration devices are: degassing device + deep bed filtration device in parallel + ceramic plate filter device The ceramic plate filter device is placed before casting to avoid the loss of medium due to deep bed filtration. The inclusions of aluminum are cast with molten aluminum, and a lot of waste products appear. And consider the deep bed preheating method (online or offline) according to the output and production arrangement.

The process configuration suggestion for adopting tubular filter device is: degassing device + tubular filter device (at least 2 units in parallel), most aluminum processing enterprises in Japan adopt this arrangement.

According to the domestic situation, in order to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, some enterprises have formed the industrial chain of “electrolytic aluminum-aluminum processing”. Due to the complex impurity composition and non-metallic slag of the electrolytic aluminum liquid, it is recommended to install a ceramic plate filter device before the tubular filter.

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