Aluminum Melt Purification,Flux for Molten Aluminum

In the Aluminum Melt Purification methods mainly to remove impurities, the filtration method is generally carried out after degassing and before pouring (such as the filter screen is placed at the gate or runner, etc.), and its impurity removal mechanism is mainly mechanical and physical functions, which has no significant effect on the removal of fine inclusions suspended in the melt, and it is difficult to realize the principle of removing impurities first and then degassing. The flux method has a good effect on impurity removal, but its impurity removal effect largely depends on the characteristics of the flux itself and purification process conditions. The traditional treatment method is pressing method or covering method. The purification process conditions are poor, easy to cause “dead angle”, and it is difficult to play the role of flux. Although the spray flux method has been developed, which obviously improves the purification process conditions, it needs special equipment, increases the cost, and the process control in actual production is not stable.

Aluminum Melt Purification

Therefore, it is very important to make use of cheap and available fluxes to purify aluminum melt efficiently and simplify the process. After years of research and practice, we have obtained a new purification method, high-efficiency active flux filtration purification method. It combines melting, flux removing and flux filtering to realize the whole melting process without special equipment. The process is simple, the operation is convenient and the cost is low. The purification effect is remarkable. The impurity removal rate is about 80%, and the pinhole rate is significantly reduced. If the degassing is supplemented, the effect is more significant. It has been applied in a series of researches, such as waste aluminum recycling technology, localization of high performance materials (can making materials) and low-quality materials. It is an advanced and effective method for aluminum liquid purification, and the developed high-efficiency impurity removal flux has little environmental pollution. Recently, we have developed high efficiency flux and spray flux which are suitable for industrial pure aluminum, 6063 aluminum profile, aluminum for can, die casting aluminum alloy, etc.

It is worth pointing out that purification treatment is only an important aspect of aluminum melt treatment, including modification and grain refinement. For some high-performance aluminum materials, it is obviously not enough to improve the purity level of liquid aluminum only by purification treatment, and the influence of impurity elements and coarse crystal structure in aluminum materials is particularly prominent. Therefore, improving the effect of modification and grain refinement is also the research focus of aluminum melt treatment. At the same time, the internal relations and rules among purification, modification and grain refinement are also discussed and analyzed, and the melt treatment principle of “purification is the key of aluminum melt treatment, and is the basis of modification and refinement” is proposed for the first time. Based on this, the high efficiency of melt treatment is obtained The comprehensive treatment technology of aluminum melt can significantly improve the metallurgical quality and properties of aluminum materials.

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