Online Processing Device | Degassing and Filtering System

Any melt treatment filtration and degassing are complementary, slag and gas cannot be completely separated. Under normal circumstances, slag is often associated with gas. The more inclusions, the higher the gas content in the melt. At the same time, the degassing process must also remove the melt. The inclusions in the body, while removing the inclusions, the gas content in the melt must be reduced. Therefore, the combination of degassing and filtering is very beneficial for improving the purity of the melt. The online melt processing device that combines degassing and filtration is the method used by many aluminum processing companies to process aluminum melt online.

Online Processing Device

Online Processing Device

There are many types of on-line degassing. Typical examples include: Air-liquid degassing method using vent plugs, M method using fixed nozzles, and more stable, effective and reliable rotating nozzle degassing methods, such as AdTech Online Degassing device. The degassing method uses N2 or Ar as the refining gas, which can not only effectively remove the hydrogen in the aluminum melt, but also remove the alkali metals well. It is the most effective and reliable method for removing non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum melt.

There are many kinds of filtration methods, the most widely used and the best effect is tube filtration and foam ceramic plate filtration.

The corundum tube filter has high filtration efficiency and can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions with smaller melts. It is suitable for the production of forgings, can material double zero foil, and the filtration of aluminum alloy melts such as aluminum profiles with high metallurgical quality requirements. But the use of corundum tube filtration is expensive. Several corundum tubes are installed in the filter, and the melt passes through the tortuous micropores of different sizes of the ceramic tubes. The impurities in the melt are blocked, settled, and the surface of the medium produces adsorption and van der Waals force on the impurities, which filter out the impurity particles in the melt.

The foam ceramic filter plate is widely used at home and abroad because of its convenient use, good filtering effect and low price. In developed countries, more than 50% of aluminum and gold melts are filtered by foam ceramic filter plates.

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