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At present, the comprehensive treatment of purification and grain refinement of liquid aluminum is the basic problem for obtaining high-quality aluminum alloy. According to the different production links, the purification treatment of molten aluminum can be divided into treatment in the furnace and treatment outside the furnace. The aluminum alloy furnace treatment can be divided into adsorption purification technology and non-adsorption purification technology for aluminum according to the purification mechanism.

Purification Technology for Aluminum

In the aerospace field, the requirements for cast aluminum alloy castings are high. Most companies still use inert gas rotating degassing and then slagging operation mode for the purification of aluminum liquid. For the demanding aluminum liquid, it can meet the product requirements after being treated with hexachloroethane.

Small aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises, due to low casting requirements and backward equipment and technology, are basically machine-side furnace melting, and do some simple slagging treatment to produce castings. It is better to use inert gas or non-toxic refining agent to do some simple refining treatment or filter the aluminum liquid with a filter plate, and start production without testing the treatment effect of the aluminum liquid. This kind of processing method has poor quality of molten aluminum, low production-grade, relatively high cost, and difficult enterprise development. Some large and medium-sized aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises mostly use centralized melting, slagging in the furnace, subcontracting degassing and slagging treatment, and then turn to the side furnace to organize production. For some high-demand castings, continuous melting furnaces are generally used as machine-side furnaces in such enterprises. The molten aluminum is degassed by inert gas on-line and filtered by foam ceramics to produce castings.

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