Aluminum Casting Foundry Filter, Ceramic Foam Filter

Aluminum Casting Foundry Filter has been used for commercial purposes in the foundry industry, and has been used in the aerospace industry to produce high-quality aluminum castings for such products for more than 40 years. In recent years, CFFs have been increasingly used in the non-ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries. The non-ferrous metal industry is very important in the physical purification of metals and is the most used filter medium, especially in the aluminum casting industry.

The type of CFF metal filtration can be divided into deep bed filtration, filter cake filtration or mixed filtration. The efficiency depends on the pore PPI (pores per inch) of the filter material. It is also related to the size distribution of the removed particles. PPI refers to the plastic used to make foam ceramics. The number of pore boundaries encountered per inch can be found from the average value.

The high-porosity Ceramic Foundry Filter has a value of 60-80 PPI only for quality-sensitive applications, such as surface-critical extrusion and sheet products. The structure of CFF creates a unique tortuous path for fluid flow, thereby trapping inclusions and allowing the metal to flow cleanly and smoothly into the cavity.

Aluminum Casting Foundry Filter

Aluminum Casting Foundry Filter dimension: 660x660x50(26″), 584x584x50(23″), 508x508x50(20″), 432x432x50(17″), 381x381x50(15″), 305x305x50(12″), 228x228x50(9″), 178x178x50(7 ″).

In terms of cost and ease of use, ceramic foam filters (CFF) are generally considered to be the “best” placement filter with acceptable performance characteristics. Their main advantages are: high filtration efficiency, low turbulence, high refractoriness, corrosion resistance, and suitable for the most demanding casting applications.

Properties of Aluminum Casting Foundry Filter

  • Alu filter can work with a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.
  • It is highly porous which helps in absorbing the molten metal leaving behind the impurities.
  • It has high thermal shock resistance.
  • It has a greater degree of physical and chemical stability
  • Alumina ceramic foam filter can be used for non-ferrous alloys of aluminum.

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