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The pressure drop or alternative flow reduction caused by the Ceramic Filter for Aluminium Foundry is affected by the length of the Filters, the roughness of the filter and the effective filter area. The effect of filters on mold filling behavior has been evaluated by direct observation experiments. Direct observation is a very useful way to understand how different door system designs and filtration conditions affect mold filling.

The general effect of using foam furnace filters in gate systems is to reduce melt velocity and ensure that the gate system is fully filled before melt enters the gate.

First of all, due to the back pressure from the filter, the water will be completely filled at the early stage of filling. Back pressure is formed due to friction in the filter. Filling as early as possible can prevent the molten liquid from carrying oxide film or air.

Secondly, the flow channel filling is improved by using a filter. The better filling of the runner is mainly due to the decrease of melt velocity. Decreasing melt velocity can reduce surface turbulence and splash. The reduced surface turbulence and melt spatter can prevent the oxide film and air from mixing into the melt, which has an overall beneficial effect on the casting quality.

Ceramic Filter for Aluminium Foundry

The optimal foam furnace filters position has been shown to be directly in the flow path after lowering.

By increasing the roughness of the filter from 30 PPI to 20 PPI and finally to 10 PPI, the decrease of flow rate gradually decreases. This effect is very small when the effective filter area is equal to the cross-sectional area of the runner, as used in this work.

By tripling the active ceramic filter area, the flow reduction will be greatly reduced.

The flow rate decreases with the increase of filter length.

It has been shown that the filling degree of the casting basin is very important for the stability of the casting. The melt level in the pouring basin is the decisive factor for down pouring. The melt level in the bowl may be more important than the Ceramic Filter for Aluminium Foundry.

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