Ceramic Foam Filter Dubal,Ceramic Foam Filters For Casting

Ceramic foam filter Dubal used in the melting process and refining process of aluminum scrap.

There are generally two methods for smelting aluminum scrap
1. Melt aluminum scraps into ingots (recycled ingots) and stack them according to their chemical composition.
2. When smelting, mix the regenerated ingot into the furnace to smelt the finished product.

Direct Joining Method

When using this method, the aluminum scraps can be baked directly in the furnace (in the case of waste heat or bottom temperature). After the aluminum scraps are dried, they are heated to melt and add various main and auxiliary materials for melting.

Compared with the two methods, the power consumption and elemental burning loss are larger when smelting twice. Management work is cumbersome and wastes manpower and material resources. The second method is only suitable for continuous production of aluminum castings of one brand. When producing aluminum parts of multiple gods in the same period, the first method is more suitable.

A large amount of aluminum scraps will be generated in the production process of automobile aluminum alloy parts. The usual processing method for aluminum scraps is smelting and recycling. At present, the conventional smelting and recycling is to use natural gas burners for heating. Dubal filters aluminum slag.

Ceramic Foam Filter Dubal

Aluminum Scrap Melting Equipment

Aluminum scrap melting equipment includes aluminum ingot smelting furnace and aluminum scrap smelting furnace, the aluminum ingot smelting furnace also includes a first melting chamber, tower, melting burner and tower side flue.

Aluminum scrap melting furnace includes a second melting chamber and a nozzle, the tower is located at the upper end of the first melting chamber and communicate with each other, the melting burner toward the inside of the first melting chamber.

One end of the exhaust duct on the side of the tower communicates with the tower. The other end of the exhaust duct on the side of the tower communicates with the nozzle.

The nozzle is provided at the upper end of the second melting chamber, and the nozzle faces the inside of the second melting chamber.

Further preferably, the aluminum scrap smelting furnace further includes an air outlet pipe and a tower cover, the tower cover is movably installed at the top of the feed tower, and the air outlet pipe and the side of the feed tower communicate with each other.

On the basis of the above technical solutions, preferably, it further includes tail gas treatment equipment, and the end of the gas outlet pipe away from the feed tower is in communication with the tail gas treatment equipment.

On the basis of the above technical solution, preferably, it further includes a heat insulation layer, which is wrapped outside the flue gas duct on the side of the tower.

Aluminum Scrap Smelting Process

The process sequence includes a feeding process, a melting process, a refining process and a liquid discharging process in sequence. There is a circulation process between the liquid discharging process and the melting process.

The aluminum melting furnace includes a feed channel, the feed channel communicates with the melting chamber, the melting chamber communicates with the refining chamber.
The refining chamber is connected with a liquid outlet well, and the liquid outlet well has a liquid outlet channel and a circulation channel respectively, and the circulation channel is connected to the aluminum scrap melting chamber.

The aluminum scrap melting chamber communicates with the slag removal chamber, the slag removal chamber communicates with the temperature-increasing filter chamber, and the temperature-increasing filter chamber communicates with the melting chamber.

Ceramic foam filter Dubal is also a key part of aluminum liquid filtration.

By increasing the circulation process, the process chain is increased, and the process of melting the aluminum liquid is adjusted by the circulation.

The flow time and flow path of the liquid aluminum also increase accordingly. The liquid aluminum is more refined and the impurities are filtered more deeply.

At the same time, the method is completed by the aluminum melting furnace, thereby reducing the impurity content in the aluminum liquid when the liquid is discharged.

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