Aluminum Liquid Filter

With the progress of society, aluminum products are more and more widely used in social and industrial applications, and higher requirements are placed on aluminum liquid filtration equipment. The aluminum liquid filter box is a commonly used equipment in the manufacturing process of aluminum products, and in the aluminum casting process, the purity of the aluminum liquid is related to the metallurgical quality during casting.

Filtration using a filter plate to remove impurities in the molten aluminum is the most common filtration method. The filter plate is usually placed directly in the aluminum liquid flow channel for filtration. Because the filter plates used are in a flat state, and most of the filter plates are placed in the flow channel parallel to the horizontal plane. The filter plate with such a structure is easy to cause the flow rate when the filter plate is filtered to be too fast, which has a greater impact on the filter plate, resulting in reduced service life, and oxides and impurities are also easy to accumulate on the filter plate, and bubbles in the aluminum liquid are not easy to eliminate.

In order to solve the shortcomings of the above technology, a liquid aluminum filter box with a good filtering effect and long service life is designed.

Aluminum Liquid Filter Box

Aluminum Liquid Filter Box

Aluminum Liquid Filtration Equipment, including feed tube, box body, and foam ceramic filter plate, a flow channel is formed in the box body, an electromagnetic heating device is wrapped around the feed tube, the cross-sectional shape of the foam ceramic filter plate is wavy, foam ceramic The filter plate and the horizontal plane are inclined and preset on the flow channel, the feed pipe passes through the flow channel, and the discharge end of the feed pipe corresponds to the foam ceramic filter plate.

In use, the aluminum liquid enters through the feed pipe, and then the aluminum liquid filters the aluminum liquid in the flow channel through the foam ceramic filter plate.

In order to increase the fluidity of the aluminum liquid, the electromagnetic heating device includes an electromagnetic heating coil and a heat insulation sleeve. The electromagnetic heating coil is wound around the feed pipe, and the heat insulation sleeve is sleeved around the electromagnetic heating coil.

The Aluminum Liquid Filtration Equipment has good aluminum liquid filtering effect, and the cross-sectional shape of the foam ceramic filter plate is wavy, and is inclined to the horizontal plane and is preset in the flow channel. The foam ceramic filter plate with such a structure reduces the flow rate of the aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid has no impact on the filter plate. The service life is longer, the oxides are not easy to accumulate, and the bubbles in the aluminum liquid can be eliminated.

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