Trimet Aluminum CFF Filter

Trimet aluminum CFF filter can remove oxide on the aluminum surface, thus improving casting quality. Nowadays, more and more aluminum plate and foil manufacturers are using these filters.

Adtech is one of the largest suppliers of ceramic foam filters in India and the global industrial market.

A liquid ceramic aluminum filter for aluminum casting is the most widely used filter in the field of aluminum melt filtration.

The advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, easy replacement, low cost, strong adaptability, and can be separated by filtering solid inclusions in liquid inclusions.

The disadvantages are low strength at high temperatures, short service life (mostly single-use), and small filtration capacity.

Trimet Aluminum CFF Filter

Trimet aluminum introduces the use of a CFF filter

1. Clean the filter box.

2. Gently put the filter into the filter box and press the gasket around the filter to prevent molten aluminum from flowing out from the side.

3. Even if the filter box and filter plate have been preheated, they must be close to the temperature of aluminum melt casting.

4. Observe the change of the liquid aluminum hydraulic head. The normal initial pressure head is 75-150 mm. When the alumina liquid begins to pass through, the head will decrease to less than 25 mm and then increase gradually.

5. After filtration, remove the filter plate and clean the filter box in time.

The filtration efficiency of the TriMet aluminum CFF filter is closely related to its proper installation and use.

At the same time, due to the filtration process, conventional and necessary measures should be taken to reduce the occurrence of inclusions in smelting, furnace treatment and casting.

It is also necessary to prevent contamination of the filtered clean aluminum solution again.

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