CFF Filtering System -

CFF Filtering System consists of a heater cover, an electrical device, and ceramic foam filter box. The on-line filter box contains molten metal and is designed to support the ceramic foam filter and provide metal circulation space. The CFF filter box has two chambers for capturing impurities in the molten metal, and one metal inlet and metal outlet.

CFF Filtering System

The refractory-lined box body consists of one or two filters to capture impurities; a drain port is used to empty the box body when the filter box cannot be tipped; inlet and outlet ports are used to guide the metal to flow into and out of the box body.

The function of the CFF filtering system heater cover is to close the box body and heat insulation to prevent the temperature of the molten aluminum from falling. The heater cover is composed of heater resistance and top thermocouple (to monitor heating temperature), four sling points (for hoisting operation), and electrical devices. The electrical device mainly realizes the power supply of electrical components and the function control of the filter box.

The metal temperature is maintained using the all-or-nothing (on/off) heating principle. If the value of the metal thermocouple is lower than the metal temperature set point, the heating will automatically turn on. If the metal thermocouple measurement value is higher than the metal temperature set the point, heating, turns off automatically. The operator can modify the temperature set the point according to the needs of casting or heat preservation. For safety reasons, when the lid temperature is at the top of the high temperature alarm (950℃), the system automatically turns off the heater.

CFF Filtering System

The CFF filter box is drained, and the aluminum should be drained when replacing the alloy, or replacing the filter plate and cleaning the filter box.

The ceramic foam filter is a sheet filter, which is installed online between the metal processing system and the casting equipment. The effect of filtering molten metal depends on the number of holes in the filter medium. The selected flow rate depends on the size, number, and number of holes of the filter plate. The resistance is installed in the lid on the box body during heating, and its purpose is to keep the metal temperature between the two castings at the temperature set by the operator, and to increase the metal temperature during continuous casting.

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