Foam Ceramic Filter Board -

Foam ceramic filter board has advantages: high dimensional accuracy, high mechanical strength, stable chemical composition, corrosion resistance to liquid aluminum and its alloys, no phosphorus and environmental friendliness, purifying aluminum liquid, improving aluminum quality, reducing defects, reducing defective rate, reducing cost, increasing production efficiency, and using simple and flexible size from 40mm to 600mm to meet different aluminum water flow rates.

Foam Ceramic Filter Board

It can effectively remove all kinds of inclusions with fineness up to micron level in aluminum water and make aluminum water become stable laminar flow, which is conducive to punching.

It has unique mullite corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and superior aluminum water erosion resistance.

The stable filtration effect can be obtained by strictly controlling the pore size and through-hole ratio.

There is a ceramic fiber gasket around the alumina foam ceramic filter, which helps to seal the filter in the filter box.

Ceramic filter plate has an excellent filtration effect on aluminum water. Using perfect three-dimensional structure, oxidation inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions can be effectively removed by blocking capture adsorption. Whether it is gray iron, nodular iron or shaft body, cylinder block or complex large parts, precision hardware parts after filtration, the product quality will be very stable and satisfactory results.

Foam Ceramic Filter Board

Foam ceramic filter board has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high mechanical strength and heat shock resistance. Through in mold filtration, the following effects can be achieved: purifying liquid metal, removing non-metallic impurities and gas; making metal liquid filling stable and reducing vortex; simplifying gating system, improving process yield; reducing casting porosity, optimizing and refining metal structure; improving casting surface quality and mechanical properties It can reduce the casting reject rate, reduce the machining allowance, increase the tool life and reduce the casting cost. Ceramic filter is also suitable for copper, bronze, brass and other copper alloys, reducing the turbulence of copper liquid and rectifying and purifying molten copper.

The ceramic filter screen produced by our company has the following excellent characteristics:

1. It has good thermal shock resistance and will not burst and be washed out.

2. The uniform circular opening will not produce new small eddy current when molten metal passes through, which is more conducive to the adjustment of liquid metal from turbulent flow to laminar flow.

3. High consistency and quality stability brought by precision die extrusion.

4. The opening rate of square hole is about 20% higher than that of round hole.

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