Granular Refining Agent

At present, market competition is becoming increasingly severe, and the state has increased supervision and control over energy conservation and emission reduction. How to achieve energy-saving and production-increasing on the basis of existing conditions or investing as little as possible has become the focus and difficulty of each enterprise. AdTech provides granular refining agent. The refining process of the refining agent improves the refining efficiency of aluminum material, greatly reduces the loss of aluminum material, refining agent and energy, guarantees quality and saves production costs.

Granular Refining Agent

AdTech granular refining agent adopts the principle of metal liquid compound to develop and configure products to reduce smoke, reduce burn damage, and be environmentally friendly and economical. The granular refining agent solves the problem of the traditional refining effect caused by the large amount and the high amount of aluminum ash. AdTech’s refining agent uses 1.5-2.0kg per ton of aluminum, and discharges 0.8-1% of aluminum ash, and meets the requirements of high-precision aluminum alloy casting, effectively increasing the rate of return of molten metal by 0.6-0.8%, achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Refining and degassing, also known as the purification of aluminum alloy melt, belongs to the process of aluminum alloy smelting. Its purpose is to degas and remove slag. It is an important step in smelting aluminum alloy and the key to ensuring the production of high-quality castings. The gas method is the partial pressure difference degassing method, that is, the use of nitrogen rotating spray, the rotatable graphite rotor is used to quickly rotate in the depth of the aluminum liquid to break the bubbles, stir the alloy, and the special rotating nozzle degassing device is used to perform the process. Its advantages Under the action of the rotor, the bubbles are distributed evenly and finely, which strengthens the degassing process and the slag removal process, the liquid level is stable, and the alloy burning loss is relatively small. At the same time, the refining agent is used to complete the adsorption and slag removal.

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