Molten Alu Foam Ceramic Filter for Molten Aluminum Purification

The technology of removing non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum alloy, adopting the furnace flux treatment, and the technology of molten alu foam ceramic filter filtration outside the furnace has long become an important method for the purification of molten aluminum. Reflected in the alloying, purification, and refinement processing technology of the smelting process. The smelting of aluminum alloy is the first step in the aluminum alloy processing process, and it is also a crucial link.

Molten Alu Foam Ceramic Filter

The quality of aluminum melt is very important, and it greatly affects the subsequent processing performance and the quality of the final product. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the purification of aluminum melt. There are many reasons for aluminum pollution. During the smelting process, aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere in the furnace in a molten or semi-molten state. It is prone to oxidation, reacts with water vapor to absorb hydrogen, and easily forms various forms of non-metallic slag (such as Furnace lining fragments, chlorides, carbides in flux, etc.) and coarse intermetallic particles, etc. The above-mentioned impurities often cause bubbles and inclusions in the casting slab, which seriously affect the purity of the molten metal, thereby further affecting the processing performance, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and product appearance quality.

Molten Alu foam ceramic filter plate is a kind of porous ceramic product with opening porosity as high as 80-90% and volume density only 0.3-0.6gcm”, with a unique three-dimensional network framework and interpenetrating pore structure.

The earliest ceramic foam filter plate was successfully developed by FRMollard and NDavison of Consolidated Alnminum in 1978 and used in the aluminum alloy pouring system, and their research results were published at the American Foundry Annual Conference in April 1980. The foam ceramic filter plate filters and removes impurities, which can significantly improve the quality of ingots and reduce the waste rate. Since then, the corresponding research and development of ceramic foam filter materials have been promoted in the metallurgical industry.

The aluminum casting factory filter plate supplied by AdTech can effectively remove various inclusions in the aluminum water with a fineness of micrometers, so that the aluminum water becomes a smooth laminar flow, which is conducive to filling; it has good mechanical strength and chemical stability Performance, excellent resistance to aluminum water washing; strictly controlled hole size and through-hole rate, can obtain a stable filtering effect; the filter plate is surrounded by a sealed thermal expansion ceramic fiber gasket, which helps the filter plate to be in the filter box The sealing ensures that there is no side flow of molten metal.

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