Molten Alu Refining Flux for Degassing and Removing Inclusions

The molten Alu refining flux is mainly used for degassing and removing inclusions of metal melt. AdTech refining flux is white powdery fine particles. The main ingredients are chloride and fluoride salts, as well as other compounds. The refining agent is mainly used to remove the hydrogen and floating oxide slag in the molten aluminum to make the molten aluminum more pure. Certain components in the refining agent are easily decomposed at high temperatures. The produced gas easily reacts with hydrogen, refining flux has a strong adsorption force for molten slag, and can quickly escape from the molten metal.

Molten Alu Refining Flux

Add a small amount of fluoride salt such as NaF, Na, AIF, CaF, etc. to the chloride salt mixture, which mainly plays a refining role, such as adsorbing and dissolving alumina. The fluoride salt can also effectively remove the oxide film on the surface of the melt and improve the degassing effect.

Fluoride salt can chemically react with aluminum melt to form gaseous AIF, SiF, BF, etc. They use mechanical action to separate the oxide film from the aluminum melt, squeeze the oxide film, and push it into the flux.

The current generated at the interface where the reaction occurs, the oxide film is “scoured” and broken. Therefore, the presence of fluoride salt significantly accelerates the destruction process of the oxide film on the surface of the needle melt, and the hydrogen in the melt can easily escape.

Fluoride salt (especially CaF) can increase the surface tension of the mixed molten salt, spheroidize the molten salt that has adsorbed oxides, facilitate separation from the melt, and reduce the loss caused by the solid-melt entrapment in aluminum. Due to the increase of the surface tension of the flux-melt, the process of flux adsorption and inclusion is accelerated.

AdTech Molten Alu Refining Flux Advantages

It adopts the principle of metal-liquid composite combination. Reduce flue gas and combustion losses, environmentally friendly and economical.
The refining agent can effectively increase the yield of liquid metal and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.
Smoke-free and dust-free, improve the production environment of employees, and protect employees’ health.
The slag and aluminum separation effect is good, which can greatly reduce the aluminum content in the slag.

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